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The 2024 Guide for Setting Up Google & Facebook Tracking on your Website
Without spending a dime on software; all the Tools are free!

In less than an hour, you can use these detailed instructions to:

Collect important data from audiences across three of the most popular platforms.

Install the one-time copy-and-paste traffic tracking solution that ANYONE can do!

Easily build conversion events WITHOUT WRITING CODE.

Hi there, website operator!

My name is Paul Sokol, traffic-expert, business owner, and author of a popular book on profitable automation… If you are a business owner who has a website or is going to have a website soon, you are definitely in the right place.

“Saying that a lot has shifted for small businesses over the last 10 years would be a vast understatement – but the most shocking change of all has been in just how much powerful technology has recently become available to the average person – 100% free.”

The biggest problem is that very few people know how to use their own website!

Back when I first started managing digital marketing for businesses in the early 2000s, it was a struggle to simply track where people were coming from on their website, let alone being able to determine their activities. It was incredibly difficult to make informed decisions about how to improve without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars in monthly software tools, support, and integrations.

In fact, most business owners were under the impression that it was impossible to actually manage their website traffic unless you were a billion dollar company with a whole technology department! (You can’t believe how happy we were to find out that wasn’t true – but the possibility felt very real.)

As a website owner, you’ve undoubtedly been in the same position. You know what it’s like to:

  • Get a spike in traffic to your site and have no idea what you did to cause it.
  • Try and pull some basic data about your website visitor behavior.
  • Attempt to run some ads and have no idea how they actually performed.
  • Take a guess at what content is the most popular, so you can make more things like it.

That’s exactly how we felt.

Eventually, we sunk so low into despair we almost wanted to give up on figuring it out entirely… but that’s when we realized the secret!

If the huge companies out there were tracking their website traffic, WE KNEW WE COULD TOO!

It simply came down to taking the “right” steps in the right order using the tools we already had access to and not getting caught up in the misconceptions that kept us trapped before…

After countless hours of research and development and calling in favors to people who were “in the know,” who graciously helped us pick their brains, we’d cracked it…

So we sat down to make this foolproof guide to follow for our clients and the rest is history… Now the time has come for us to share our proven methods with you.

How We Found New Ways to Setup Digital Tracking By Making One Small Website Update

FACT: You can never get solid website analytics if you are spinning your wheels on a bunch of different ways to get people to your site!


– Comb through site analytics for valuable insights.
– Break down advertising efforts across the site and different ad networks.
– Plan optimized content based on the performance of previous efforts.
– Know where to balance the advertising budgets across which channels to reach the most ‘bang for your buck.’

These are steps that are working for countless website owners. People who have finally decided enough is enough. People who want their website to be a valuable business asset.

How To Achieve A Website That Is A Valuable Business Asset By Following Along To An eBook.

Once we realized enterprise-level website tracking can be done with free tools, we started working on a solution that would help others like us.

It’s an eBook we wrote called ‘Digital Tracking Setup’ and as you follow along:

You’ll set up a world-class tracking infrastructure on your website using Google Tag Manager. This means you can easily setup conversion events and additional tracking without adjusting your site code in the future.

Using this as a foundation, your website will share data with Google Analytics for rich visitor data. You will also share with the Facebook and Google ad networks, so you can remarket later. In other words, your site collects data and audiences across three of the most popular platforms!

All from a one-time code change to your site. And if you use WordPress, the code change is embarrassingly simple. It’s one free little plugin that does exactly what we need, and nothing we don’t.

When you invest in this eBook, you’ll be joining the millions of small businesses in North America who are ready for a change to their website analytics.

Ultimately, ‘Digital Tracking Setup’ will provide you with a proven solution to have a website that spits out meaningful and insightful data that you can use to inform business decisions.

Your Exclusive Opportunity to

Get ‘Digital Tracking Setup’ For $7!

Normally, it’s $200/hr. for our team to do any services. But it’s part of our mission to help as many website owners as we can.

Which is why, until we can officially print first editions, between now and Wednesday you can get ‘Digital Tracking Setup’ featuring:

  • How to Secure Your Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • How to Configure Google Analytics with GTM
  • How to Configure Your Facebook Pixel into GTM
  • How to Configure Google Ads remarketing tag into GTM
  • How to Install Google Tag Manager to Your Site

For only $7!

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Well, there are some things you should know about, because this is an eBook…

There Are No Pictures

Software changes its look as often as fashion changes its trends. If we included screenshots of the setup, chances are they wouldn’t age well. Videos age better than screenshots because there is the extra sound and movement. An eBook though…that could get old fast. So we intentionally chose NOT to include pictures.

Rest assured, the core components won’t change. So when we write something like, “Give your account a name and click ‘Create’”, you’ll be able to follow along. We made sure of it 🙂

We Don’t Cover Conversion Events

If you want to run ads, and they point to your site, you probably want to be tracking conversion events like a Lead or Purchase. Since you are already using Google Tag Manager, these things are easy to add. The infrastructure is already there because you use a tag container.

Which is why we chose to leave conversion events & triggers out of the eBook. The setup has more parts and not everybody needs conversion tracking. And we wanted to get you from nothing to a website that is tracking data as fast as possible. All that fancy stuff can come later!

This Is Do-It-Yourself

We made every effort to ensure that by reading along and using your computer, you will get this digital tracking setup. All the tools being used are free. We even broke it down into meaningful milestones at each chapter. At the end of chapter 5, if you’ve been following along, your website will be tracking.

You can power through it all in 30-60 mins, depending on your comfort level with tech. Or, you can do one chapter a day and finish it in a week. However, the sooner your website is sending data, the sooner you’ll be able to gain insight; there is real urgency to doing this.

For a lot of website owners, change isn’t an option. They don’t have the tools and resources to stop guessing when it comes to their website and having real, actual website visitor data.

But with this eBook, that’s exactly what you’re going to get.

Digital Tracking Setup eBook Cover

Along with our guarantee…

You’re Backed By Our Clean Data Guarantee

Our goal is simple. We want you to make the changes that help you collect all the best website data.

That’s why we happily offer our Clean Data Guarantee. If you follow along with the eBook to install your tag container and you’re not satisfied (for any reason), we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Imagine what your life would be like if you could easily gain website insights, if you didn’t have to blindly make business decisions.

That is what you stand to gain. With absolutely no risk to you.

Digital Tracking Setup eBook Cover

If you have any questions, you can reach us at

I’m looking forward to having you join our community.

Paul Sokol,
Be Pro, co-founder

P.S. I’ve just made you an incredible offer, with a lot of details. Here’s a quick recap of what you get for only $7:

‘Digital Tracking Setup’ eBook featuring:

  1. How to Secure Your Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  2. How to Configure Google Analytics with GTM
  3. How to Configure Your Facebook Pixel into GTM
  4. How to Configure Google Ads remarketing tag into GTM
  5. How to Install Google Tag Manager to Your Site